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The "Why"...

The GEMS Network, LLC was founded on the principles of encouragement, empowerment, parent support and guidance for the most vulnerable youth and their families.  People need time, patience and nurturing hearts to heal.  Once a person's basic needs are met, opportunities abound!  The GEMS Network, LLC helps youth and families increase focus, healing, trust, mutual respect and openness to each other.

DeLisa Boyd, founder and CEO is a compassionate individual who has dedicated her life to making a difference in the lives of youth, families and the community.  After decades of working with behavioral health, substance abuse, mental health and within the New Jersey child welfare system, Ms. Boyd searched for an approach to continue her work with children and families that would lead to success for the entire family unit.  Nurtured Heart Approach spoke to Ms. Boyd in a way that no other program had before.  The concepts of the Nurtured Heart Approach are woven throughout the GEMS Network and we believe that we can make a profound impact on the lives of those that we serve.  By utilizing the Nurtured Heart Approach, GEMS Network is committed to building the "Inner Wealth" of all people.

We are currently servicing and partnering with communities in GA, NC, NJ, NY, PA and TN.  We believe that everyone has greatness within themselves and we are certain that we can help them reach their potential.

"When individuals discover their GREATNESS, it EMPOWERS them and MOTIVATES them toward SUCCESS."

DeLisa Boyd, Founder and CEO

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